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Our portable roll a ball derby games or donkey derby games as they are often referred are designed to be reliable, brand-able, simple to set up and most of all portable allowing them to be transported in a small van and set up on site by just 1 person in less than 15 mins.

Perfect for those wanting to hire roll and bowl systems out or for promotional and branded roll and bowl system sales.

We also manufacture fixed installation roll a ball games for arcades, fairgrounds and attractions. Talk to us today about roll a ball systems with 4- 16 playing positions. Click here for more information on fully installed systems.

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Roll And Bowl Systems

A few photos of roll-a-ball games we have manufactured, sold and personalised previously for clients.

Featured is our 4 player portable roll-and-bowl systems although we now offer linked roll a ball derby systems for 8 + players as well as our new automated installation systems allowing 4-16 racing lanes simultaneously.

A range of simple to swap roll a ball themed panels and custom racing character are available allowing you to offer multiple themes or indeed custom branded versions to match yours or you clients brand. 

Standard roll a ball themes include horses, dogs, camels, reindeer, penguins, donkeys, cars and more. 

Click here for details on fully installed 4-16 player systems

Set Up Time Lapse

Short video demonstrating how quickly one man can set up a system at a venue. In less than 15 mins the system can be set up and operational, all components are flight cased as standard and themes can be swapped and changed in just a couple of mins.

Talk to us today about your roll & bowl, donkey derby or kentucky derby roll a ball system requirements

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Roll And Bowl Information

One of our favourite products our roll and bowl systems provide all the fun of the fair with both portable and installation systems available.

All major component flight cases of the roll a ball system have wheels built in to make transport easy, the game legs are also integrated to negate the need for complicated frames or tables and the systems run from a single plug. All roll and bowl case lids can be stored underneath the system during operation to save returning the empty lids to the van during operation.

The Roll And Bowl themes are quickly changed in just a couple of minutes thanks to our unique no tools playfield panel replacement, velcro surround skirts and simple hand wheel affixed backboards. Themes include kentucky derby, donkey derby, reindeer races, cars race, penguins even racing bride and grooms!

Proudly made in Great Britain, all elements of our roll a ball derby games are carefully designed, machined, printed and assembled in our workshops in Ipswich, Suffolk. We welcome you to visit us for a hands on demonstration of our portable roll a ball derby games.

Portable Systems
Our standard portable roll-a-ball game systems are 4 players however we can now offer an upgraded multi link system (master and slave) allowing 2 or even 3 systems to be linked so 4/8/12 players can race head to head in the same game or used as sperate 4 player systems if required. Branding is quick and easy to swap out on our portable systems and the whole system is built into its own dedicated flight cases. Simple 1 man transport / set up and a quick deployment time of less than 20 mins make these donkey derby and roller ball games the perfect addition to any event / entertainment hire company.

Installation Systems
We now also produce installation systems which can be manufactured with 4-16 players. These installation systems are produced in strong durable MFMDF board with dedicated electronics, integrated sound as well as stunning LED pixel lighting of both the lanes and track. As with our portable systems the theme can be changed relatively easily allowing you to match the theme to the season perhaps, santa, snowman or polar bear racing in December for christmas, spooky theme for halloween or even racing easter bunnies to make your system seem seasonal and relevant. (Theme sets can be retained for use year after year) 

Packaged 4 Player System


Want to find out more about roller ball game systems, check our derby game manufacture lead times or place an order for your new roll and bowl system simply fill out the form below or email us directly:

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